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Nicole Petite

Inquisitive I Am

"Never Stop Learning"

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Meet Nicole

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

Meet Nicole Petite, a woman of great passion and determination, who has become known for her activism, mentoring, and public speaking. She is the founder of the $ix Figure Club, a career guided organization for children of all grade school ages. In her spare time, she is a blogger and an author. Her blogs can be found at Nicole is currently a host on her show “Inquisitive I Am where she discusses health, wealth, and all things that will bring light to educating everyone. She has published her first book titled “Focused, Fearless, and Fighting” which is about raising productive and ambitious children in today’s society, and she is working on her second book which is scheduled to be released soon. She is not limited to writing books, she is also working on a movie script. She has taken on the job of being the change that she wants to see in the world, but of everything she does, the responsibility that she loves the most is being a mother to her two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Kennedy.

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Ask Nicole

“Ask Nicole” is a space where anyone can anonymously ask me anything and get my honest opinion based on my logic or my experience. My goal is to help anyone make sound decisions about life to continue the pursuit of happiness, healing, and success. 

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Focused, Fearless, & Fighting

When Nicole Petite wrote her first book, Focused, Fearless and Fighting, she wanted to equip parents with the tools and strategies to help their children avoid the potential pitfalls of our modern culture—especially social media—and thrive in the pursuit of their biggest dreams.  Nicole also wanted to position herself as an expert in her niche and get momentum for her speaking career.
Because she was clear about these goals, Nicole was able to put a plan in place and execute it. She wrote her book in a no-nonsense, straight-talk manner that appealed to her target audience, and she covered parenting issues from pregnancy and childbirth to helping children make good decisions as they grow into adulthood.
Since publishing her book, Nicole has become a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows and has hosted her own events, expanding her platform to reach more people. She has also been invited to speak at several schools and colleges. Nicole regularly gives forums for parents, children, and educators. 
Nicole’s future projects consist of her upcoming book release, “The Strength Of A Woman”, which entails how she went from one of her lowest moments in life to persevering through it all with a fake smile to a real smile while raising her daughters alone. This book will embrace the struggle of women and how we manage to get through life with these struggles to take care of children, work, and ourselves. 






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