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About Inquisitive I Am

"Never Stop Learning"

About 10 years ago, I picked up a book and started reading it. I hated to read but found myself engulfed in this book and could not put it down. I read that book in two nights and it was a pretty lengthy book. I decided to buy a kindle the next day and downloaded another book and read it in two days. It was like this newfound hobby opened up brain waves that have never been tapped into. Reading became such a habit, that my children would hide my kindle to play a joke on me. I even started reading street signs and if it had someone’s name on it, I would Google the name to find out why the street was named after them or at least who the person was.

My curiosity of all things unknown became a rabbit hole. I started to learn more than I could have ever imagined as it made me think differently, analyze things differently, comprehend differently, respond differently, and speak differently. Someone eventually called me nosey and I had my aha moment and corrected them and responded that I am inquisitive. What is the difference you may ask? Being nosey means you’re interested in events that happened down the street but don’t add value to your livelihood or purpose. Being inquisitive allows you to grow mentally and emotionally and benefits some aspect of your life...Never stop learning!”


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Trust your intuition and success will follow

Nicole Petite

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